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Yakov Masamune AI augurie of the clan.131 (2).jpgScavenger137.jpg135.jpgHeretek136.jpgTechno-barbarian Warlord132.jpgWarhound Princeps and slug pistol.117.jpg

Terrawatt Masamune Project

An offspring of the Terrawatt clan they hold a vast territory on the far east of the ancient Terra Kamtchatka.120The Terrawatt Masamune Clan is led by the magos able to wield the Honjo Terrawatt: an artifact crafted during the golden age of technology.121With numerous heavily modified Skitari and Houses of Warhound Titans they rule the salted radio-active wastes of Aniva Kaido.89ttt.pngtttt.png124.jpg87.jpg