Techno-barbarian clan leader134barbarian seer


Yakov Masamune AI augurie of the clan.131 (2).jpgScavenger137.jpg135.jpgHeretek136.jpgTechno-barbarian Warlord132.jpgWarhound Princeps and slug pistol.117.jpg


3 réflexions sur “characters

  1. This is really awesome. I love your drawings – they have a John Blanche feel. And your conversions are really imaginative, but I see elements of his illustrations In them.

    Great work. Inspiring. Keep it up!


    1. Thanks Mr Sullivan I really appreciate ! I must confess I litterally grew up fascinated by Blanche and can’t stop being influenced ! I hope you don’t live in Colorado; I’ve seen the huge tornado on the news.
      I hope to see you around again , ‘ve just updated some new stuff!


  2. I am not in Colorado – but I appreciate your concern. I really like your work. I’ve just finished a Legio Mortis warhound Titan, and I was really inspired by your take on the Mortis Titan Guard / Secutarii. Would you mind telling me what kits you used for that? I see the Sicarian Infiltrator head and claw – what about the fur cloak? And the greatcoat on the Alpha? The combo of barbarity (furs, animal skulls and parts) with hi-tech (the Sicarian bits) is really fascinating. I think you’ve done a great job at portraying these guys the way they are in the fluff – skull faced carnivorous machine men. The counterpoint of barbarian and hi-technology is done really nicely.

    I understand Forge World is going to release Securarii upgrades for the Vanguard, and I’ll probably get some of those, but I’d really like to reconstruct what you have done with them! I’ll comment on those posts as well so you know what I am talking about!


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